Felecia Means Happy & Bella Means Beautiful: A Unique Ladies Boutique

Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

We at Felecia Bella believe that each of you are like a piece to a big puzzle. You are all a part of God's master design and without your gift, talent, and ability being expressed the puzzle just isn't complete. The truth is there is nothing about you that's ordinary. You have the fingerprints of the creator of the universe all over you. You have a destiny to fulfill, something greater than you've ever imagined. God has an assignment for you that no one else can fulfill. So, we want to send you a piece of the puzzle to remind you of who you are.

Our goal is to send you puzzle pieces with every beautiful piece you purchase from us to always remember God signed your name and no one can erase it.  What He has for you is for you and you're a part of something so much bigger.  It's time to receive it.