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Don't dive into the back of your wardrobe for a winter coat just yet! Oversized sweaters will do the job just as well, and there are plenty of them around at Felecia Bella. Each are diverse and versatile. Try a pale knit sweater with tassels over a black high wasted mini skirt, or even spice a casual cable knit with your favorite cozy scarf. One of our favorites is a slouchy oversized paired with leggings.. Better still, wear it as a dress with over- knee boots! Pull on a beanie, a beret or a fedora, and pick up an oversized bag. Jump into some booties or heels and you're done!

Take advantage of cardigans too!! Pair it with your favorite printed tee and a ripped up pair of jeans, or throw it over a dress with tights; it makes for the perfect casual look.

Hopefully you have already collected your sweaters for this winter, but if not be on the hunt for off the shoulder sweaters, cold shoulder sweaters, sweater dresses... a sweater for every occasion! You just can't beat an oversized sweaters for warmth, coziness, comfort, and adaptability. We think this fall/ winter style is so practical, that you'll still be rocking it next spring!

Happy Thursday everybody! Hope everyone is having a great week and thank you for reading!

Felecia Bella