I Will Make a Difference

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Do you ever analyze your life; questioning what's so important about it, and what you are actually here to offer and/or achieve? It's easy to start comparing yourself to others around you, but when we do this, we're stealing from ourselves. We're stealing good thoughts about the good things we've done and we're stealing creative thoughts about the good things we are supposed to do next. Really key into yourself this week and soul search your gifts and qualities and find ways to use them in your life daily. 

You're here to make a difference. The definition of difference is the quality that makes one person or thing unlike another. So, don't compare yourself to anyone else, you were created to be you and wherever you go be you and that will make a difference. Because when God created you he placed these dreams and desires to make a difference. So, start where you are and go for it. You can do it. 

Love, Felecia Bella